Ohio's Best Kept Secret

Permanent Shoring

 We use 4” x 4” steel H-beams installed under pressure using jacks.  This process is little understood thereby receiving negative reputation.  Many other technologies have been tried as replacements for steel beams but each usually has a weak point stopping it from being the best solution.  The H-Beam weighs 13 pounds per foot making it very strong to hold up the bowed wall for the lifetime of the structure. 


 Steel H-Beam, properly applied under pressure, restore a wall’s integrity, cause no damage, and provide a risk-free solution. 







Once the beams are installed the use of painted beams, caulking and Thoro-seal wall paint add the eye pleasing finishing touches to your walls. 








Our work is guaranteed against bowing for the life of the structure.  This guarantee is transferable. 

 BASEMENT REPAIR SPECIALIST, INC has taken the “ugly” out of beams and basements. 


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